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    The Ensamble “Małe Słowianki” (The Little Slavs) was created in 1975.

Right now 300 children and young people aged 6-18 from over 106 schools in Cracow develop their dancing and singing abilities here.

    Colourful folk programme comprising Slavonic songs and dances (Bielorussian, Bulgarian, Slovac, Ukrainian, Serbian and others), and Polish suites: Silesian, Resovian, of the Lublin and Łowicz regions as well as Cracovian set emphasizing rich tradition of Cracow and presented in beautiful folk costumes enchants young performes and audiencens alike.

    “Małe Słowianki” has given 2100 concerts both in Poland and abroad: in England, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Holland, Yugoslavia, Canada, Lithuania, Germany, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Estonia, Hungary, Italia, Macedonia, Turkey, Portugal and Spain.

    The Ensamble took part in Children’s Folk Festivals in Poland and abroad, where it won numerous prizes and awards like Gold and Silver Fir, The Fir of Friendiship, and Gold Lajkonik and other medals.


    Initiator and manager of the ensamble the “Małe Słowianki” The Little Slavs is  dr inż. Władysława Maria Francuz - Knight of an Order a Smile.



“Like gentle waves returning 

to the sunlit shore...

"Male Slowianki" sweet memories returning

to your heart once more...”


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